Portland Oregon

I was born in an eight bed hospital in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, in 1958. I've been married for twenty five years and have a seven year old daughter. At eleven years of age, I started shooting pictures with my dad's clunky, pre-WW II German camera. I became a pro by shooting weddings (we bought a house and needed a boost to the family coffers). Realizing that if I could shoot a wedding of 350 "happy" people, I could do anything, I started soliciting work of all kinds. Most of my photographic carreer took place in Chicago. I still return to Chicago several times a year to shoot. In the spring of 2004 we moved to Oregon because...it's Oregon!

My favorite photographic moment was the opportunity to sit and chat with Jane Goodall while she signed books. That, and meet Michael Jordan...

Look for some of my more interesting encounters in my blog me too. Join my dialogue there, I like to talk...
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Portland area photographer

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